Entry #4

A spent half a year making an album

2011-12-10 03:41:59 by JackBz

And here it is (if you click me)

Pay what you want download (including completely free). If you like melancholic folk music akin to Red House Painters, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith etc, then hopefully there's something you might enjoy here.

A spent half a year making an album


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2011-12-10 06:03:01

Then I will give it a listen!


2011-12-10 06:34:42

Funny you should talk about your album im starting a flash show to help NG audio artists. Just check my account ;)


2011-12-10 06:37:01

This is my kind of shit! Great work dude, I'm not all the way through yet but I can tell you right now that this is great stuff :)

JackBz responds:

Thanks a lot for listening dude, glad you enjoyed!